Taxes, VAT & other duties

We provide advice on national and international tax matters, as well as VAT and other duties. Our Tax Department supports all types of businesses, from local sole traders to internationally-based groups.

Tax legislation is complex

Denmark has one of the highest, most complex and frequently evolving taxation systems in the world.

Redmark’s Tax Department is leading the way to help businesses of all backgrounds comply with all relevant tax legislation, VAT and other duties. By carefully considering planned transactions in relation to current tax legislation, significant savings can be achieved.

Factoring in tax implications as part of the business decision-making process is extremely important. We have developed specialist expertise within real estate, group restructuring, and incentive programmes for key employees.

Redmark’s Tax specialists often work on international cases. Our involvement in the international MGI collaboration means that we have colleagues all over the world with whom we work closely and who are ready to step in when needed.

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