Auditing & accounting


Reliable audits, with an independent party declaring your financial statements to be fair and accurate, create public trust in your accounts.

This trust is vital for both a company and its stakeholders to make important decisions and ensure a credible basis for investments and lending, as well as for insight into operations.

At Redmark, we have extensive experience auditing privately owned companies, limited partnerships and other types of companies subject to a statutory or voluntary audit.

As state-authorised and approved auditors, we are qualified and competent and adhere to the applicable rules in accordance with international auditing standards.

Financial statements

Most commercial enterprises are subject to the provisions of the Danish Financial Statements Act concerning the preparation of financial statements.

We have considerable experience preparing financial statements and vast insight into accounting matters within specific industries and particular types of companies. We are delighted to assist you with qualified advice, and support you in the preparation of financial statements in accordance with the Danish Financial Statements Act.

We also assist companies with the digital reporting of their financial statements to the Danish Business Authority in order to comply with relevant legislation.